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Principle of water cooled roots blower

Principle of water cooled roots blower

The principle of water-cooled roots blower? As the name implies, the heat dissipation of Roots blower is realized by water cooling. Many customers do not know about the water-cooled roots blower. Today, the editor will bring you the relevant knowledge of water-cooled roots blower.

As we all know, the working principle of Roots blower is completed by the cooperation between the fan body and the motor. When the pressure and air volume of Roots blower are different, some fans with extremely high pressure will generate heat during operation. Generally, when the pressure is higher than 80kPa, it is necessary to install a water-cooled circulating cooling system, The purpose of this is to protect the bearing and gear from damage caused by high temperature, ensure the normal operation of the fan and prolong the service life.

After installing water cooling system inside roots blower, it can cool down the whole structure of the fan very well. The temperature difference between the water-cooled roots blower and the water-cooled roots blower is about 10 degrees Celsius. Although the water-cooled roots blower has the characteristics of rapid cooling, it has the risk of freezing damage in the cold winter in northern China. Therefore, customers should carefully re-examine whether they need water cooling when purchasing fans Consider.

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